Antibody Array Image Analysis Service

The Image Analysis Service is useful for researchers who used our free Array Scanning Service but have no means to analyze antibody array images. The service includes data extraction from raw images, data organization and analysis:

  • Signal intensity for each spot
  • Average signal intensity for replicate spots
  • Coefficient of variation for replicate spots
  • Ratios of phospho-specific antibody’s signal to site-specific antibody’s signal (Phospho profiling arrays only)
  • Fold change between control sample and treated sample



Results are provided in Excel format and delivered to end user by email within three to seven business days. Raw data is available upon request.


Preparing Slides For Scanning and Image Analysis
  1. Complete antibody array assays using Cy3 or Cy5 labeled streptavidin (or equivalents).
  2. Dry the slides according to the instructions in Antibody Array User’s Guide.
  3. Place the slides in the original slide holder or a slide box.
  4. When using transparent holders, cover the slide holder with aluminum foil to protect the slides from light.
  5. Complete the Slide Submission Form and include it in the package.
  6. Send the package at room temperature within 1 week after completing the assay.

Slide Submission Form:   pdf   word

Shipping address:

Attn: Array Scanning Service
Full Moon BioSystems, Inc.
754 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States
Tel: 408.737.2875

How to Order

Purchase Orders

Include a copy of the purchase order in the package or send the purchase order by fax to 408.732.7230 or by email to

Credit Card Orders

  • Place an online order below, or
  • Contact  Customer Service at 408.737.2875 or email (

*Image Analysis Service may be ordered at the same time when Array Scanning Service is ordered or any time after obtaining array images.


Catalog Number Array Name (Catalog#) Price/Slide
Total Protein Profiling Arrays
SDA01-ACC058 Cell Cycle Antibody Array (ACC058) $150
SDA01-APP069 Apoptosis Antibody Array (APP069) $150
SDA01-SCB200 Cancer BioMarker Antibody Array (SCB200) $250
SDA01-SCK100 Cytokine Profiling Antibody Array (SCK100) $250
SDA01-ASB600 Explorer Antibody Array (ASB600) $250
SDA01-AVK276 Kinase Antibody Array (AVK276) $250
SDA01-SMK060 MAPK Signaling Antibody Array (SMK060) $150
SDA01-AST160 Signal Transduction Antibody Array (AST160) $200
SDA01-SET100 Signaling Explorer Array (SET100) $350
Phospho Profiling Arrays
SDA01-PAA137 AKT Pathway Phospho Array (PAA137) $200
SDA01-PAB216 AKT/PKB Signaling Phospho Array (PAB216) $250
SDA01-PAM174 AMPK Signaling Phospho Array (PAM174) $200
SDA01-PAP247 Apoptosis Phospho Array (PAP247) $250
SDA01-PCS248 Cancer Signaling Phospho Array (PCS248) $250
SDA01-PAC155 Cancer/Apoptosis Phospho Array (PAC155) $200
SDA01-PCC238 Cell Cycle Control Phospho Array (PCC238) $250
SDA01-PCC076 Cell Cycle Phospho Array (PCC076) $150
SDA01-PCT173 Chromatin/Transcription Phospho Array (PCT173) $200
SDA01-PCR174 CREB Phospho Array (PCR174) $200
SDA01-PCP141 Cytoskeleton Phospho Array (PCP141) $200
SDA01-PEG214 EGF Pathway Phospho Array (PEG214) $250
SDA01-PER239 ErbB/HER Signaling Phospho Array (PER239) $250
SDA01-PEK208 Erk Signaling Phospho Array (PEK208) $250
SDA01-PGF169 FGF Pathway Phospho Array (PGF169) $200
SDA01-PGP193 GPCR Phospho Array (PGP193) $200
SDA01-PIR245 IGF-IR Signaling Phospho Array (PIR245) $250
SDA01-PIG219 Insulin Receptor Phospho Array (PIG219) $250
SDA01-PJS042 Jak/Stat Pathway Phospho Array (PJS042) $150
SDA01-PJS202 Jak/Stat II Phospho Array (PJS202) $250
SDA01-PMK185 MAPK Pathway Phospho Array (PMK185) $200
SDA01-PMT138 mTOR Phospho Array (PMT138) $200
SDA01-PNS170 Neuroscience Phospho Array (PNS170) $200
SDA01-PNK215 NF-kB Signaling Phospho Array (PNK215) $250
SDA01-PNR052 Nuclear Receptor Phospho Array (PNR052) $150
SDA01-PFT196 p53 Signaling Phospho Array (PFT196) $200
SDA01-PDG195 PDGF Phospho Array (PDG195) $200
SDA01-PEX100 Phospho Explorer Array (PEX100) $350
SDA01-PTC188 T-Cell Receptor Signaling Phospho Array (PTC188) $200
SDA01-PTG176 TGF-beta Signaling Phospho Array (PTG176) $200
SDA01-PTK098 Tyrosine Kinase Adaptor Phospho Array (PTK098) $150
SDA01-PST228 Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray (PST228) $250
SDA01-PVE185 VEGF Pathway Phospho Array(PVE185) $200
SDA01-PNT227 Wnt Signaling Phospho Array (PNT227) $250