Selected Publications on Microarray Slides

Chen C, Korobkova E, et al.: A Proteome Chip Approach Reveals New DNA Damage Recognition Activities in Escherichia coli, Nature Methods, 5 (1), Jan. 2008.
“Different surface chemistries were tested, including the FullMoon, aldehyde-derivatized, hydrogel- and nitrocellulose-coated (FAST slides) surfaces. All of the tests produced satisfactory immobilization results, with the FullMoon surfaces performing the best.” ”
“To optimize the binding conditions, we carried out a series of pilot assays and determined that the FullMoon surface produced the best signal-to-noise ratio with a stringent high-salt wash.”

Covarrubia MY, Khan R, et al.: Chronic Alcohol Exposure Alters Transcription Broadly in a Key Integrative Brain Nucleus for Homeostasis: the nucleus tracus solitarius, Physiological Genomics 2005.
“cDNA were mixed with an equal volume of DMSO (10-70 ng/ul) and printed on FMB cDNA slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA) using a MicroGrid II arrayer…”

Dhar MS, Yuan JS, et al.: A Type IV P-Type ATPase Affects Insulin-mediated Glucose Uptake in Adipose Tissue and Skeletal Muscle in Mice, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 17 (12), 811-820 (2007).
“The mouse whole genome long-oligo set was printed on the PowerMatrix Slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA, USA).”

Ding M, Gao Q, et al.: Construction and Validation of an Insecticide Resistence-Associated DNA Microarray, Journal Pesticide Science 2007, 32(1), 32-41
“…the diluted products were spotted onto FMB slides (Full Moon BioSystems) using a robotic spotting system (GeneMachine).”

Ellestad LE, Carre W, et al.: Gene Expression Profiling During Cellular Differentiation in the Embryonic Pituitary Gland Using cDNA Microarrays, Physical Genomics 2006, 25: 414-425.
“PCR products were rearrayed into 384-well plates in 50% DMSO and printed onto glass microscope slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA) as high-density cDNA microarrays at Delaware Biotechnology Institute…”

Gardiner JM, Buell CR, Design, Production, and Utilization of Long Oligonucleotide Microarrays for Expression Analysis in Maize, Maydica 2005 50: 425-435.
“The long oligo microarrays were spotted on …specially coated PowerMatrix slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA)…”

Gertych , Oh JH, 3-D DNA methylation phenotypes correlate with cytotoxicity levels in prostate and liver cancer cell models, BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology 2013, 14:11

Horiuchi KY, Wang Y, Microarray for the Functional Analysis of the Chemica-Kinase Interactome, Journal of Biomolecular Screening X(X); 2006.
“Protein slides to immobilize proteins were purchased from Full Moon BioSystems (Sunnyvale, CA).” … “Full Moon BioSystems Protein slides were found to bind up to 500 nM of MEK in the printing solution (compared to 300 nM on the epoxy slide).”

Huang R, Lin Y, Enhanced Protein Profiling Arrays with ELISA-Based Amplification for High-Throughput Molecular Changes of Tumor Patients’ Plasma, Clinical Cancer Research, 2004 10: 598-609.
“One of the advance technologies in protein arrays is the three-dimensional substrate chip. To test whether our system can also be sued to enhance detection sensitivity in three-dimensional substrate chips from Full Moon BioSystems (Sunnyvale, CA)…”

Olah J, Orosz F, et al.: Triosephosphate Isomerase Deficiency: Consequences of an Inherited Mutation at mRNA, Protein and Metabolic Levels, Biochemistry Journal, 2005. 392, 675-683.
“After printing to Full Moon BioSystems cDNA slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA, USA), DNA was UV cross-linked to the slide…”

Ong C, Ooi CH, et al.: Patters of Large-scale Genomic Variation in Virulent and Avirulent Burkholderia Species, Genome Research 2004 14: 2295-2307.
“ …each array probe was printed in duplicate on commercially available microarray slides (Full Moon BioSystems) using an SDDC-2 Mcroarrayer (Virtek).”

Ou K, Ong K, et al.: Integrative Genomic, Transcriptional, and Proteomic Diversity in Natural Isolates of the Human Pathogen Bukholderia pseudomallei, Journal of Bacteriology, June 2005, p. 4273-4285.
“Probes, ranging from 300 to 1000 bp in length, were PCR amplified from K96243 genomic data and spotted in duplicate onto coated glass slides (Full Moon BioSystems).”

Ren D, Bedzyk L, et al.: Differential Gene Expression to Investigate the Effect of (5Z)-4-Bromo-5-(Bromomethylene)-3-Butyl-2(5H)-Furanone on Bacillus subtilis, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2004, 70(8) 4941-4949.
“The double stranded PCR products were denatured in 50% dimethyl sulfoxide and spotted onto aminosilance slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, Calif.) as probes to hybridize with the mRNA-derived cDNA samples.”
“The labeled cDNA (6 ug) was concentrated to 10 uL (total volume) and mixed with 10 uL of 4X cDNA hybridization solution (Full Moon BioSystems) and 20 uL of foramide.”

Rodrigues F, Sarkar-Tyson M, et al.: Global Map of Growth-Regulated Gene Expression in Burkholderia pseudomallei, the Causative Agent of Meloiodosis, Journal of Bacteriology, Dec. 2006, p. 8178-8188.
“Probes of 300 to 1000 bp in length were PCR amplified and spotted in duplicate onto coated glass slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA).”

Russell S, FlyChip, University of Cambridge, UK, International Drosophila Array Consortium Forum
“We found that 150 mM NaPO[4] with … FMB PowerMatrix slides was best. We prefer PowerMatrix substrates because they are cheaper and more robust.”

Woodard C, Liao G, A Screen for Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase-Primed Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Substrates Identifies the p53 Inhibitor iASPP, Journal of Virology, 2015 89(18):9232-41 [PubMed]

Yang L, Wang J, Identification of serum biomarkers for gastric cancer diagnosis using a human proteome microarray, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 2015 Nov 23. pii: mcp.M115.051250 [PubMed]

Yauk CL, Williams A, et al.: Novel Design and Controls for Focused DNA Microarrays: Applications in Quality Assurance/Control and Normalization for the Health Canada ToxArrayä, BMC Genomics 2006, 7:266.
“Oligonucleotides were … printed unto PowerMatrix slides (Full Moon BioSystems, Sunnyvale, CA, USA) with the ChipWriter Pro robotic arrayer…”

Zheng D, Wan J, Comparison of Humoral Immune Responses to Epstein-Barr Virus and Kaposi’s Sarcoma–Associated Herpesvirus Using a Viral Proteome Microarray, Journal of Infect Dis. (2011) 204 (11): 1683-1691.