Full Moon BioSystems offers a range of convenient and reliable services:

Complete Antibody Array Assay

Send your samples to us, and we will perform complete antibody array assays using your choice of our antibody arrays.  This cost-effective service allows researchers to analyze control and treated samples against hundreds of antibodies quickly and efficiently.  Our assay service is convenient and offers quick turnaround and reliable results, saving your time and resources!
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Array Scanning & Image Analysis

If you do not have access to a microarray scanner or a compatible device to read the array, you can send the finished slides to our lab for scanning and analysis.
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Assay Development

We design and perform protein and antibody based custom assays. If you wish to analyze samples using the microarray format, contact us and we will design a series of experiments meeting your requirements.
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Custom Array Printing

Need a custom-made microarray? Let us be your array printing partner. Our high-quality custom printing service is designed to meet your special microarray needs.
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