Antibody Array Assay Service

Send your samples to us. We’ll send the results to you!

Instead of running assays yourself, send your samples to our lab for the complete antibody array assay service. Researchers can select from a wide range of antibody microarrays to study protein changes and phosphorylation events. Once we receive your samples, whether they are cells, tissues or serum, our experienced scientists will perform complete antibody array assays. This convenient assay service offers quick turnaround, accurate and reliable results, saving you time and resources!

Service includes:

  • Protein Extraction and labeling
  • Assay condition optimization
  • Conjugation of Biotin Labeled Protein to Antibody Array
  • Detection using Cy3-Streptavidin
  • Array scanning
  • Data acquisition (Data provided in Excel format)

Assay Service Guide

pdf  Antibody Array Service Guide

Sample Results

excel   Sample Assay Service Results

pdf   Sample Assay Service Summary

How to Order

– Purchase order

– Credit card

– International orders

  • Contact us to obtain a proforma invoice.
  • Send payment by electronic bank transfer or by check.
  • Confirm receipt of payment with us.
  • Ship your samples to Full Moon BioSystems. Please refer to the Antibody Array Service Guide for shipping instructions.

Forms Required for Sample Submission

  • Please include the following forms inside the package:

– Sample Submission Form:   word    pdf

  • Additional documentation for international customers — please place the following forms on the outside of the package for customs clearance:

– Shipper’s Declaration:   word    pdf

– Commercial Invoice for the Shipment

Price List

The antibody arrays are designed for differential expression profiling between two or more samples/conditions. The unit price below is for analyzing a single sample at a single condition on one array. A untreated cell line and a stimulated cell line are considered as two unique samples.

Array Name Service Catalog No. Price (Single Sample)
Total Protein Profiling Arrays
Apoptosis Antibody Array SEV04-APP069 $1,100
Cancer BioMarker Antibody Array SEV07-SCB200 $1,350
Cell Cycle Antibody Array SEV04-ACC058 $1,100
Cytokine Profiling Antibody Array SEV07-SCK100 $1,550
Explorer Antibody Array SEV04-ASB600 $1,550
Kinase Antibody Array SEV05-AVK276 $1,550
MAPK Signaling Antibody Array SEV07-SMK060 $1,100
Signal Transduction Antibody Array SEV04-AST160 $1,300
Signaling Explorer Array SEV06-SET100 $2,050
Phosphorylation Profiling Arrays
AKT Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PAA137 $1,200
AKT/PKB Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PAB216 $1,350
AMPK Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PAM174 $1,300
Apoptosis Phospho Array SEV03-PAP247 $1,350
Cancer Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PCS248 $1,350
Cancer/Apoptosis Phospho Array SEV03-PAC155 $1,300
Cell Cycle Control Phospho Array SEV03-PCC238 $1,350
Cell Cycle Phospho Array SEV03-PCC076 $1,100
Chromatin/Transcription Phospho Array SEV03-PCT173 $1,300
CREB Phospho Array SEV03-PCR174 $1,300
Cytoskeleton Phospho Array SEV03-PCP141 $1,200
EGF Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PEG214 $1,300
ErbB/HER Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PER239 $1,350
Erk Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PEK208 $1,350
FGF Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PGF169 $1,300
GPCR Phospho Array SEV03-PGP193 $1,300
IGF-IR Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PIR245 $1,350
Insulin Receptor Phospho Array SEV03-PIG219 $1,350
Jak/Stat Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PJS042 $1,000
Jak/Stat II Phospho Array SEV03-PJS202 $1,300
MAPK Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PMK185 $1,300
mTOR Phospho Array SEV03-PMT138 $1,200
Neuroscience Phospho Array SEV03-PNS170 $1,300
NF-kB Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PNK215 $1,350
Nuclear Receptor Phospho Array SEV03-PNR052 $1,100
p53 Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PFT196 $1,300
PDGF Phospho Array SEV03-PDG195 $1,300
Phospho Explorer Array SEV03-PEX100 $2,050
T-Cell Receptor Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PTC188 $1,300
TGF-beta Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PTG176 $1,300
Tyrosine Kinase Adaptor Phospho Array SEV03-PTK098 $1,100
Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray SEV03-PST228 $1,350
VEGF Pathway Phospho Array SEV03-PVE185 $1,300
Wnt Signaling Phospho Array SEV03-PNT227 $1,350



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