Selected Publications on Antibody Arrays


Journals Array Platform
Cai W, Chen G, PMP22 Regulates Self-Renewal and Chemoresistance of Gastric Cancer Cells, Mol Cancer Ther 2017; doi: 10.1158/1535-716 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Feng Y, He F, The Role of GOLPH3L in the Prognosis and NACT response in Cervical Cancer, J Cancer 2017; 8(3):443-454 [] MAPK Phospho Array
Hillard T, Miklossy G, 15∝-methoxypuupehenol induces antitumor effects in vitro and in vivo against human glioblastoma and breast cancer models, Mol Cancer Ther, 2017 Jan 9, doi: 10.1158/1535-7163 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Klimushina MV, Gumanova NG, Direct labeling of serum proteins by fluorescent dye for antibody microarray, Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2017; 486(3):824-826 [PubMed] Signaling Explorer Antibody Array
Explorer Antibody Array
Ling Q, Xu X, The prognostic relevance of primary tumor location in patients undergoing resection for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Oncotarget 2017; 8(9):15159-15167 [PubMed] Signaling Explorer Array
Ling S, Xie H, Metformin potentiates the effect of arsenic trioxide suppressing intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma: roles of p38 MAPK, ERK3, and mTORC1, J Hematol Oncol 2017; 10(1):59 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Array
Mazer J, Rosado A, The long non-coding RNA GAS5 differentially regulates cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through activation of BRCA1 and p53 in human neuroblastoma, Oncotarget 2017; 8(4):6589-6607 [PMC] p53 Signaling Phospho Array
Park HL, Lee SM, IK acts as an immunoregulator of inflammatory arthritis by suppressing TH17 cell differentiation and macrophage activation, Sci Reports 7, 2017:40280 [] Phospho Explorer Array
Shi F, Guo H, The PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 enhances radiosensitization and reduces chemoresistance to temozolomide in GBM cell lines, Neuroscience 2017, 346:298-308 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Suh JS, Lee HJ, The PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 enhances radiosensitization and reduces chemoresistance to temozolomide in GBM cell lines, Biochem & Biophys Res Commu, 2017 May 26, Phospho Explorer Array
Tian X, Jin X, The depletion of PinX1 involved in the tumorigenesis of non-small cell lung cancer promotes cell proliferation via p15/cyclin D1 pathway, Mol Cancer 2017, 16:74 [PMC] Cell Cycle Array
Wu Y, Su M, Abnormal expression of TGF-beta type II receptor isoforms contributes to acute myeloid leukemia, Oncotarget 2017, 8(6):10037-10049 [PubMed] TGF-beta Phospho Array
Yang Y, Lian S, Antibody Array Revealed PRL-3 Affects Protein Phosphorylation and Cytokine Secretion, PLoS One, 2017 Jan 9, [PLOS] Phospho Explorer Array


Journals Array Platform
Bazon D, Ng MR, Flow-induced HDAC1 phosphorylation and nuclear export in angiogenic sprouting, Sci Rep 2016, 6:34046[PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Bosma M, Gerling M, FNDC4 acts as an anti-inflammatory factor on macrophages and improves colitis in mice, Nat Commun 2016 7:11314 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Gao Y, Bai X, Mammalian elongation factor 4 regulates mitochondrial translation essential for spermatogenesis, Nat Struct Mol Biol 2016 23(5):441-9 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Garnett D, Caveolae as a target to quench autoinduction of the metastatic phenotype in lung cancer, J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2016, 142:611–618 [Springer] Signaling Explorer Antibody Array
Gruosso T, Mieulet V, Chronic oxidative stress promotes H2AX protein degradation and enhances chemosensitivity in breast cancer patients, EMBO Mol Med 2016 Mar 22. pii: e201505891. doi: 10.15252/emmm.201505891 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Control Phospho Antibody Array
Gu C, Feng M, RalA, a GTPase targeted by miR‑181a, promotes transformation and progression by activating the Ras‑related signaling pathway in chronic myelogenous leukemia, Oncotarget, 2016 Mar 8. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7987 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Gupta S, Manubhai KP, An overview of innovations and industrial solutions Portein Microarray Technology, Proteomics, 2016 April 4, doi: 10.1002/pmic.201500429 [Wiley]
Huang G, Tao L, Hypoxia induced CCL28 promotes angiogenesis in lung adenocarcinoma by targeting CCR3 on endothelial cells. Scientific Reports 6, 27152; doi:10.1038/srep27152 [] VEGF Phospho Array
GPCR Phospho Array
Huang M, Lou D, Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate attenuates paraquat-induced acute pulmonary poisoning in vivo via transforming growth factor β1 and nuclear factor κB pathway interaction, Hum Exp Toxicol 2016 Feb 9, pii: 0960327116630351 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Hwang HJ, Jung SH, Identification of novel therapeutic targets in the secretome of ionizing radiation‑induced senescent tumor cells, Oncol Rep, 2016 35(2):841-850 [Oncology Reports] Cytokine Profiling Array
Jiang HL, Sun HF, SSBP1 Suppresses TGF-β-Driven Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer by Regulating Mitochondrial Retrograde Signaling, Cancer Res 2016 76(4):952-64 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Kogut MH, Swaggerty CL, Chicken-Specific Kinome Array Reveals that Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis Modulates Host Immune Signaling Pathways in the Cecum to Establish a Persistence Infection, Int J Mol Sci, 2016 17(8):1207 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Koh YJ, Park SC, inventors, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., assignee. Composition for stimulating neovascularization at a site in a subject comprising dapsone and use thereof. United States patent application 14/836503, filed Aug 26, 2015 Phospho Explorer Array
Kuang XY, Jiang HS, The phosphorylation-specific association of STMN1 with GRP78 promotes breast cancer metastasis, Cancer Lett 2016 377(1):87-96 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Lee S, Jang J, Latent Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection in bladder cancer cells promotes drug resistance by reducing reactive oxygen species, J Microbiol 2016 Nov, 4(11):782-788 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Control Phospho Antibody Array
Lu, M, Wei X, Blunting autoantigen-induced FOXO3a phosphorylation and degradation is a novel pathway of glucocorticoids for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, J Biol Chem, First Published on Aug 1, 2016, doi: 10.1074/jbc.M116.728840 [JBC]
Nekova T, Kneitz S, Silencing of CDK2, but not CDK1, separates mitogenic from anti-apoptotic signaling, sensitizing p53 defective cells for synthetic lethality, Cell Cycle, 2016 (23):3203-3209 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Oda K, Umemura M, Transient receptor potential cation 3 channel regulates melanoma proliferation and migration, J Physiol Sci, 2016 Sep 9, DOI: 10.1007/s12576-016-0480-1[PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Park HJ, Oh JS, Proton Irradiation Sensitizes Radioresistant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells by Modulating Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-mediated DNA Repair, Anticancer Res, 2016 36(1):205-12 [PubMed] Signaling Explorer Array
Pereira EM, Labilloy A, Characterization and Phosphoproteomic Analysis of a Human Immortalized Podocyte Model of Fabry Disease Generated Using the CRISPR/Cas9 Technology, Am J Physiol Renal Physiol, 2016 Sep 28:ajprenal.00283.2016. doi: 10.1152 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Pulito C, Sacconi A, Antibody Array as a Tool for Screening of Natural Agents in Cancer Chemoprevention, Methods Mol Biol, 2016 1379:189-99 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Shah A, Kannambath S, Calcineurin Orchestrates Lateral Transfer of Aspergillus fumigatus During Macrophage Cell Death, Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2016 May 10 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Tan X, Liu P, Phosphoproteome Analysis of Invasion and Metastasis-Related Factors in Pancreatic Cancer Cells, PLOS One, 2016 March 25, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0152280 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Trazzi S, Fuchs C, HDAC4: A Key Factor Underlying Brain Developmental Alterations in CDKL5 Disorder, Hum Mol Genet, 2016 July 27, 2016, pii: ddw231 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Xu J, Zhou L, The REGγ-proteasome forms a regulatory circuit with IκBε and NFκB in experimental colitis, Nat Comm, 2016 Feb 7:10761 [] Phospho Explorer Array
Xu Q, Cai J, A Comparative Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis in Rat Models Reveals Effects of Aging and Diabetes on Expression of Neuronal Genes, Intl J of Geront 2016, DOI: Explorer Antibody Array
Yang T, Yao H, Effects of Lovastatin on MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells: An Antibody Microarray Analysis, Journal of Cancer 2016; 7(2): 192-199 [PDF] Explorer Antibody Array
Zhang Y, Li Q, GDF11 improves tubular regeneration after acute kidney injury in elderly mice, Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 34624 [] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Zhu R, Wang Q, pH sensitive nano layered double hydroxides reduce the hematotoxicity and enhance the anticancer efficacy of etoposide on non-small cell lung cancer, Acta Biomater, 2016 29:320-332 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Zhu Y, Dai B, Long non-coding RNA LOC572558 inhibits bladder cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth by regulating the AKT-MDM2-p53 signaling axis, Cancer Lett, 2016 Apr 26, doi:10.1016/j.canlet.2016.04.030 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array


Journals Array Platform
Arsenault RJ, Genovese KJ, Wild-type and mutant AvrA−Salmonella induce broadly similar immune pathways in the chicken ceca with key differences in signaling intermediates and inflammation, Poult Sci 2015 Nov 14. pii: pev344 [PubMed]  Phospho Explorer Array
de la Encarnacion A, Alqueza C, Increased Wnt Signaling and Reduced Viability in a Neuronal Model of Progranulin-Deficient Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration, Mol Neurobiol, First online: 17 December 2015 [Springer] WNT Phospho Antibody Array
Eke I, Hehlgans S, Comprehensive analysis of signal transduction in three-dimensional ECM-based tumor cell cultures, J Biol Methods 2015; 2(4): e31 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Eke I, Zscheppang K, Simultaneous β1 integrin-EGFR Targeting and Radiosensitization of Human Head and Neck Cancer, J Natl Cancer Inst (2015) 107(2): dju419 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Gavine P, Wang M, Identification and validation of dysregulated MAPK7 (ERK5) as a novel oncogenic target in squamous cell lung and esophageal carcinoma, BMC Cancer, 2015 Jun 4;15:454 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Genebai N, Ahmad S, Genetic inhibition of JNK3 ameliorates spinal muscular atrophy, Hum Mol Genet, 2015 Sep 30. pii:ddv401 [PubMed] MAPK Phospho Antibody Array
Guo J, Wang Q, Visible red and infrared light alters gene expression in human marrow stromal fibroblast cells, Orthod Craniofac Res, 2015 18(Suppl.1):50–61 [PubMed] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Gutierrez CM, Lopez-Valdez R, A Breast Tissue Protein Expression Profile Contributing to Early Parity-Induced Protection Against Breast Cancer, Cell Physiol Biochem 2015 37(5):1671-1685 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Hasan M, Neumann B, Activation of TGF-β-induced non-Smad signaling pathways during Th17 differentiation, Immunol Cell Biol, 2015 Aug;93(7):662-72 [PubMed] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Havel LS, Kline ER, Vimentin regulates lung cancer cell adhesion through a VAV2–Rac1 pathway to control focal adhesion kinase activity, Oncogene, 2015 Apr 9;34(15):1979-90 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Kim, SY, Han YM, DUSP4 regulates neuronal differentiation and calcium homeostasis by modulating ERK1/2 phosphorylation, Stem Cells Dev, 2015 Mar 15;24(6):686-700 [PubMed] WNT Phospho Antibody Array
Kogut MH, Arsenault RJ, A Role for the Non-Canonical Wnt-β-Catenin and TGF-β Signaling Pathways in the Induction of Tolerance during the Establishment of a Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis Persistent Cecal Infection in Chickens, Front Vet Sci, 2015; 2: 33 [PMC] WNT Phospho Antibody Array
Lee MS, Kim JH, Prognostic Significance of CREB-Binding Protein and CD81 Expression in Primary High Grade Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Identification of Novel Biomarkers for Bladder Cancer Using Antibody Microarray, PLoS One, 2015 10(4):e0125405 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Li W, Zhang C, Withaferin A suppresses the up-regulation of acetyl-coA carboxylase 1 and skin tumor formation in a skin carcinogenesis mouse model, Mol Carcinog, 2015 Oct 16, doi: 10.1002/mc.22423 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Li Z, Younger K, Inhibition of IRAK1/4 sensitizes T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia to chemotherapies, J Clin Invest, 2015 125(3):1081–97 [PubMed] Customized Antibody Array
Lund R, Leth-Larsen R, NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase 3 promotes colonization and metastasis formation and is a prognostic marker of disease-free and overall survival in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer, Mol Cell Proteomics, 2015 14(11):2988-99 [PubMed] Signaling Explorer Antibody Array
Luo L, Zhao L, Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 is a new predictor of radiosensitivity on esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Sci Rep, 2015; 5: 17336 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Luo MXM, Wong SH, Autophagy Mediates HBx-Induced Nuclear Factor-κB Activation and Release of IL-6, IL-8 and CXCL2 in Hepatocytes, J Cell Physiol, 2015 230(10):2382-9 [PubMed] Cytokine Profiling Antibody Array
Oldefest M, Düsterhöft S, Secreted Frizzled-related protein 3 (sFRP3)-mediated suppression of Interleukin-6 receptor release by A disintegrin and Metalloprotease 17 (ADAM17) is abrogated in the osteoarthritis-associated rare double variant of sFRP3, Biochem J, 2015 468(3):507-18 [PubMed] WNT Phospho Explorer Antibody Array
Pulito C, Mori F, Cynara scolymus affects malignant pleural mesothelioma by promoting apoptosis and restraining invasion, Oncotarget, 2015 6(20):18134-50 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Rosenfeld S, Rich J, Mitotic Kinesin Eg5 Inhibiting Anticancer Agents, US Patent Application 20150352114 Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array
Shigyo M, Kuboyama T, Extracellular vimentin interacts with insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor to promote axonal growth, Scientific Reports 5:12055 (2015) Phospho Explorer Array
Sobol A, Galluzzo P, Depletion of Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) Causes G0 Arrest in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Cells, J Cell Physiol, 2015 230(6):1332–41 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Phospho Antibody Array
Takahashi T, Uehara H, Inhibition of EP2/EP4 signaling abrogates IGF-1R-mediated cancer cell growth: Involvement of protein kinase C-θ activation, Oncotarget, 2015 6(7):4826-44 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Uckun, FM, Mitchell L, Development of Polypeptide-based Nanoparticles for Non-viral Delivery of CD22 RNA Trans-splicing Molecule as a New Precision Medicine Candidate Against B-lineage ALL, EBioMedicine July 2015;2(7):649–59 Phospho Explorer Array
Vettorazzi S, Bode C, Glucocorticoids limit acute lung inflammation in concert with inflammatory stimuli by induction of SphK1, Nat Commun, 2015 6:7796 [PMC] Phospho Explorer Array
Wan F, Qin X, Oxidized low-density lipoprotein is associated with advanced-stage prostate cancer, Tumor Biology, 2015 36(5):3573-82 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Zhu Y, Wan F, Reactive stroma component COL6A1 is upregulated in castration-resistant prostate cancer and promotes tumor growth, Oncotarget 2015 Jun 10; 6(16): 14488–14496 [PMC] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array


Journals Array Platform
Assayag M, Berkman N, EDA-Fibronectin Modulates The Behaviour Of Airway Fibroblasts From Chronic Ovalbumin Challenged Mice, Poster Discussion Session: D29. Molecular Signals and Cellular Mechanics: Focus on Asthma, Am J Respir Crit Care Med 189;2014:A5602 TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Burcham PC, Raso A, Airborne Acrolein Induces Keratin-8 (Ser-73) Hyperphosphorylation and Intermediate Filament Ubiquitination in Bronchiolar Lung Cell Monolayers, Toxicology, 2014 319:44-52 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Chen P, Huang H, Bone marrow stromal cells protect acute myeloid leukemia cells from anti-CD44 therapy partly through regulating PI3K/Akt–p27Kip1 axis. Mol Carcinog, 2014 doi: 10.1002/mc.22239 [Wiley] Cell Cycle Antibody Array
Dai Z, Zhou S, Capn4 contributes to tumour growth and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by activation of the FAK–Src signalling pathways, J Pathol, 2014 234(3):316-28 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Ding Y, Wu M, Seed-targeting anti-miR-21 inhibiting malignant progression of retinoblastoma and analysis of their phosphorylation signaling pathways, Exp Eye Res, 2014 122:1-8 [PubMed] Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray
Elias D, Vever H, Gene expression profiling identifies FYN as an important molecule in tamoxifen resistance and a predictor of early recurrence in patients treated with endocrine Therapy, Oncogene, 2014 34(15):1919-27 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Control Phospho Antibody Array
Han B, Luo H, Raelson J, TGFBI (βIG-H3) is a diabetes risk gene based on mouse and human genetic studies, Hum Mol Genet, 2014 23(17):4597-611 [PubMed] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Jia D, Jing Y, Amplification of MPZL1/PZR promotes tumor cell migration through Src-mediated phosphorylation of cortactin in hepatocellular carcinoma, Cell Res, 2014 24(2):204–17  [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Kogut M, Swaggerty CL, Critical role of glycogen synthase kinase-3β in regulating the avian heterophil response to Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis, Front  Vet Sci, 2014 1:10 [Journal] Phospho Explorer Array
Ma J, Sun F, Depletion of intermediate filament protein Nestin, a target of microRNA-940, suppresses tumorigenesis by inducing spontaneous DNA damage accumulation in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Cell Death Dis, 2014 5:e1377 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Control Phospho Antibody Array
Mitchell SJ, The SIRT1 Activator SRT1720 Extends Lifespan and Improves Health of Mice Fed a Standard Diet, Cell Rep, 2014 6(5):836-43 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Nekova TS, Kneitz S, Silencing of Dicer1 temporally separates pro- and anti-apoptotic signaling and confers susceptibility to chemotherapy in p53 mutated cells, Cell Cycle, 2014 13(14):2192-8 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Nold-Petry CA, Lo CY, IL-37 requires the receptors IL-18Rα and IL-1R8 (SIGIRR) to carry out its multifaceted anti-inflammatory program upon innate signal transduction, Nat Immunol, 2015 16(4):354-365 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Osborn D, Roccasecca R, Loss of FTO Antagonises Wnt Signaling and Leads to Developmental Defects Associated with Ciliopathies, PLoS ONE, 2014 Feb 4;9(2):e87662 [PubMed] WNT Phospho Antibody Array
Quistad SD, Stotland A, Evolution of TNF-induced Apoptosis Reveals 550 My of Functional Conservation, PNAS, 2014 111(26):9567-72" [PNAS] Explorer Antibody Array
Palomero J, Vegliante MC, SOX11 promotes tumor angiogenesis through transcriptional regulation of PDGFA in mantle cell lymphoma, Blood, 2014 124(14):2235-47 [PubMed] PDGF Phospho Antibody Array
Rao W, Li H, OVA66 Increases Cell Growth, Invasion, and Survival via Regulation of IGF-1R-MAPK Signaling in Human Cancer Cells, Carcinogenesis, 2014 35(7):1573-81 [PubMed] MAPK Phospho Antibody Array
Rozenberg K, Smirin P, Insulin-sensitizing and insulin-mimetic activities of Sarcopoterium spinosum extract, J Ethnopharmacol, 2014 155(1):362-72 [PubMed] Insulin Receptor Phospho Antibody Array
Uckun, FM, A rationally designed nanoparticle for RNA interference therapy in B-lineage lymphoid malignancies, EBioMedicine December 2014; 1(2–3):141-55 Phospho Explorer Array
Watanabe T, Takahashi A, Epithelial–mesenchymal transition in human gastric cancer cell lines induced by TNF-α-inducing protein of Helicobacter pylori, Int J Cancer, 2014 134(10):2373-8 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Woollard S, Li H, HIV-1 induces cytoskeletal alterations and Rac1 activation during monocyte-blood-brain barrier interactions: modulatory role of CCR5, Retrovirology, 2014 Feb 26;11:20 [PubMed] Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array
Yin SJ, Park D, An RNA interference based study for the role of ALDH1 in keratinocytes: DNA microarray, antibody–chip array and bioinformatics approaches, Process Biochem, 2014 49(10):1612–21 [ScienceDirect] Explorer Antibody Array
Zimmerman MW, McQueeney KE, Protein-tyrosine Phosphatase 4A3 (PTP4A3) Promotes Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Signaling and Enables Endothelial Cell Motility, J Biol Chem, 2014 289(9):5904-13 [PubMed] VEGF Phospho Antibody Array
Zhou, J (2014). Discovery and application of colorectal cancer protein markers for disease stratification. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Sydney: Australia Explorer Antibody Array


Journal Array Platform
Arsenault R, Napper S, Salmonella enterica Typhimurium infection causes metabolic changes in chicken muscle involving AMPK, fatty acid and insulin/mTOR signaling, Vet Res, 2013 44:35 [PubMed] mTOR Phospho Antibody Array
Cui WY, Zhao S, Identification and characterization of Poly(I:C)-induced molecular responses attenuated by nicotine in mouse macrophages, Mol Pharmacol, 2013 Jan;83(1):61-72 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Dong S, Jia C, The REG gamma Proteasome Regulates Hepatic Lipid Metabolism through Inhibition of Autophagy, Cell Metab, 2013 18(3):380-91 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Heneghan AF, Pierre JF, IL-25 Improves IgA Levels During Parenteral Nutrition Through the JAK-STAT Pathway, Ann Surg, 2013 Dec;258(6):1065-71 [PubMed] Jak/Stat Phospho Antibody Array
Iwata, J, Suzuki, A, Non-canonical transforming growth factor beta (TGFb) signaling in cranial neural crest cells causes tongue muscle developmental defects, J Biol Chem, 2013 Oct 11;288(41): 29760–70 [PMC] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Izzotti, A, Balansky R, Relationships between pulmonary microRNA and proteome profiles, systemic cytogenetic damage, and lung tumors in cigarette smoke-exposed mice treated with chemopreventive agents, Carcinogenesis, 2013 Oct;34(10):2322-9 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Jin L, Li D, p90 RSK2 Mediates Antianoikis Signals by both Transcription-Dependent and -Independent Mechanisms, Mol Cell Biol, 2013 33(13):2574-85 [PMC] MAPK Phospho Antibody Array
Lee, SY, Debnath T, Anti-cancer effect and apoptosis induction of cordycepin through DR3 pathway in the human colonic cancer cell HT-29, Food Chem Toxicol, 2013 60:439-447 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Li F, Chen T, Hu S, Superoxide Mediates Direct Current Electric Field-Induced Directional Migration of Glioma Cells through the Activation of AKT and ERK, PLoS ONE 2013 8(4):e61195 [PubMed] Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array
Li L, Zhao D, REGγ deficiency promotes premature aging via the casein kinase 1 pathway, PNAS, 2013, 110(27):11005-10 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Lida M, Brand, TM, Targeting AKT with the allosteric AKT inhibitor MK-2206 in non-small cell lung cancer cells with acquired resistance to cetuximab, Cancer Biol Ther, 2013 14(6):481-91 [PubMed] AKT Phospho Antibody Array
Pierre J, Heneghan A, Cranberry Proanthocyanidins Improve Intestinal sIgA During Elemental Enteral Nutrition, J Parenter Enteral Nutr, 2013 38(1):107-14 [PubMed] Jak/Stat Phospho Antibody Array
Shin DM, Zhang H, Chemoprevention of Head and Neck Cancer by Simultaneous Blocking of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Cyclooxygenase-2 Signaling Pathways: Preclinical and Clinical Studies, Clin Cancer Res, 2013 19:969-76 [PubMed] Cancer Apoptosis Phospho Antibody Array
Totonchy J, Osborn J, Aberrant Proliferation in CXCR7+ Endothelial Cells via Degradation of the Retinoblastoma Protein, PLoS ONE, 2013 8(7):e69828 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Wu J, Qian J, Exploration of selective small molecule compounds as caspase inhibitors for treatment of oral mucositis caused by cancer therapy, [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research; 2013 Apr 6-10; Washington, DC. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Res 2013 73(8 Suppl):Abstract nr 5547 Signaling Explorer Antibody Array
Xu N, Yuan H, Activation of RAW264.7 mouse macrophage cells in vitro through treatment with recombinant ricin toxin-binding subunit B: Involvement of protein tyrosine, NF-κB and JAK-STAT kinase signaling pathways, Int J Mol Med, 2013 32(3):729-35 [PubMed] Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray
Zhang YM, Dai BL, A novel angiogenesis inhibitor impairs lovo cell survival via targeting against human VEGFR and its signaling pathway of phosphorylation, Cell Death Dis, 2012 3:e406 [PubMed] VEGF Phospho Antibody Array


Journal Array Platform
Bagnis, A, Izzotti, A, Aqueous humor oxidative stress proteomic levels in primary open angle glaucoma, Exp Eye Res, 2012 103:55–62 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Chan O, Burke, JB, The chemokine CCL5 regulates glucose uptake and AMPK signaling in activated T cells to facilitate chemotaxis, J Biol Chem, 2012 287:29406-16 [PubMed] AMPK Phospho Antibody Array
Eke I, Schneider L, EGFR/JIP-4/JNK2 Signaling Attenuates Cetuximab-Mediated Radiosensitization of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells, Cancer Res, 2012 73(1):297-306 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
El-Haibi CP, Singh R, Antibody Microarray Analysis of Signaling Networks Regulated by Cxcl13 and Cxcr5 in Prostate Cancer, J Proteomics Bioinform, 2012,5(8): 177-84 [PubMed] Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array
Fan H, Yang L, Cardioprotective effects of salvianolic Acid a on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in vivo and in vitro, Evid Based Comp Alt Med, 2012:508938 Apoptosis Phospho Antibody Array
Makishima H, Sugimoto Y, CBL mutation-related patterns of phosphorylation and sensitivity to tyrosine kinase inhibitors, Leukemia, 2012 Jul;26(7):1547-54 [PubMed] Tyrosine Phosphorylation ProArray
Moon, KM, Park, Y, The Effect of Secretory Factors of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Human Keratinocytes, Int J Mol Sci, 2012 13(1):1239-57 [PubMed] Explorer Antibody Array
Ranzato E, Martinotti S, Epithelial mesenchymal transition traits in honey-driven keratinocyte wound healing: Comparison among different honeys, Wound Repair Regen, 2012 20: 778-85 [PubMed] Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array


Journal Array Platform
Bernier M, Paul RK, Negative Regulation of STAT3-mediated Cellular Respiration by SirT1, J Biol Chem, 2011 286(22):19270-9 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Bhola NE, Thomas SM, Targeting GPCR-mediated p70S6K activity may improve head and neck cancer response to cetuximab, Clin Cancer Res, 2011 17(15):4996-5004 [PubMed] Cancer Signaling Phospho Antibody Array
Gerbaud P, Pidoux G, Mesenchymal Activin-A Overcomes Defective Human Trisomy 21 Trophoblast Fusion, Endocrinology, 2011 Dec;152(12):5017-28 [PubMed] TGF-beta Phospho Antibody Array
Hu Y, Pioli PD, EFEMP1 suppresses malignant glioma growth and exerts its action within the tumor extracellular compartment, Mol Cancer, 2011 10:123 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Wang H, Brown J, Convergence of the Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1- and Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3-b–Signaling Pathways Regulates the Innate Inflammatory Response, J Immunol, 2011 186:5217-26 [PubMed] mTOR Phospho Antibody Array
Yao H, Kim K, Cocaine hijacks σ1 receptor to initiate induction of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule: implication for increased monocyte adhesion and migration in the CNS, J Neurosci, 2011 31(16):5942-55 [PubMed] PDGF Phospoh Antibody Array
Yu Y, Richardson DR, Cellular iron depletion stimulates the JNK and p38 MAPK signaling transduction pathways, dissociation of ASK1-thioredoxin, and activation of ASK1, J Biol Chem, 2011 286(17):15413-27 [PubMed] MAPK Phospho Antibody Array

2010 & Prior

Journal Array Platform
Gomez JC, Doerschuk CM, Rac2 in murine pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells (ECs), FASEB J 24: 777.11 [FASEB] Cytoskeleton Phospho Antibody Array
He H, Zong Y, Sensing the Insulin Signaling Pathway with an Antibody Array, Proteomics Clin Appl, 2009 3:1440–50 [PubMed] Insulin Phospho Antibody Array
Kang S, Elf S, p90 Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2 Promotes Invasion and Metastasis of Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells, J Clin Investig, 2010 120(4):1165-77 [PubMed] Phospho Explorer Array
Raharijaona M, Le Pennec S, PGC-1-Related Coactivator Modulates Mitochondrial-Nuclear Crosstalk through Endogenous Nitric Oxide in a Cellular Model of Oncocytic Thyroid Tumours, PLoS ONE, 2009 4(11):e7964 [PubMed] MAPK Phospho Antibody Array
Yalcin A, Clem B, Nuclear Targeting of 6-Phosphofructo-2-Kinase (PFKFB3) Increases Proliferation via Cyclin-dependent Kinases, J Biol Chem, 2009 284:24223-32 [PubMed] Cell Cycle Phospho Antibody Array
Zhong D, Li X, The Glycolytic Inhibitor 2-Deoxyglucose Activates Multiple Prosurvival Pathway Through IGF1R, J Biol Chem, 2009 284:23225-33 [PubMed] IGF1R Phospho Antibody Array
Zhong D, Liu X, LKB1 Is Necessary for Akt-Mediated Phosphorylation of Proapoptotic Proteins, Cancer Res, 2008 68:7270-77 [PMC] AKT Phospho Antibody Array