Phospho Explorer Antibody Array

Phospho Explorer Antibody Array

Phospho Explorer Antibody Array is a glass-based antibody array for broad-scope protein phosphorylation profiling and screening in cell and tissue samples from human, mouse and rat. This array consists of 1318 antibodies related to multiple signaling pathways and biological processes. Each package contains two identical array slides for analyzing two samples, such as a control sample and a treatment sample.

Catalog #: PEX100


Phospho Explorer Antibody Array

Phospho Explorer Antibody Array is a high-throughput ELISA based antibody array, designed for qualitative protein phosphorylation profiling, comparing normal samples to treated or diseased samples, and identifying candidate biomarkers. This phospho antibody array features site-specific and phospho-specific antibodies, allowing researchers to study tyrosine and serine/threonine phosphorylation at specific sites.

  • Phosphorylation profiling with 1318 site-specific antibodies from over 30 signaling pathways
  • Suitable samples: cell lysates; frozen or FFPE tissue lysates
  • Glass based array with high specificity and low background
  • Antibodies are covalently attached to 3D polymer coated glass slides
  • Highly sensitive fluorescent detection
User’s Guide

pdf    Antibody Array User’s Guide

Product Details
Number of Antibodies: 1318 site-specific and phospho-specific antibodies
Number of Replicates: 2 replicates per antibody
Reactivity: Human: 99%; Mouse: 92%; Rat: 66%  
Detailed Reactivity List
Internal Controls: Positive controls: beta-actin; GAPDH
Negative controls
Detection Method: Fluorescence
Compatible Scanners
Slide dimensions: 76 x 25 x 1 mm
Spot diameter: 260 – 280 um
Size: 2 array slides per package for analyzing two samples (control vs. treated)
Storage Condition: 4°C for 6 months


Recent Publications

Bosma M, Gerling M, FNDC4 acts as an anti-inflammatory factor on macrophages and improves colitis in miceNat Commun 2016 7:11314

Hillard T, Miklossy G, 15∝-methoxypuupehenol induces antitumor effects in vitro and in vivo against human glioblastoma and breast cancer models, Mol Cancer Ther, 2017 Jan 9, doi: 10.1158/1535-7163

Jiang HL, Sun HF, SSBP1 Suppresses TGF-β-Driven Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Metastasis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer by Regulating Mitochondrial Retrograde SignalingCancer Res 2016 76(4):952-64

Shi F, Guo H, The PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 enhances radiosensitization and reduces chemoresistance to temozolomide in GBM cell linesNeuroscience 2017, 346:298-308

Ordering Information 
Catalog No Description Size Price
PEX100 Phospho Explorer Antibody Array 2 slides/pk $1380
Additional Reagent Needed:

The ELISA based Phospho Explorer Antibody Array platform involves four major steps: 1) Protein extraction with non-denaturing lysis buffer; 2) Biotinylation of protein samples; 3) Incubation of labeled samples with antibody array; and 4) Detection by dye conjugated  streptavidin.

Antibody Array Assay - How It Works

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14-3-3 theta/tau (Ser232), 14-3-3 zeta (Ser58), 14-3-3 zeta/delta (Ab-232), 14-3-3 zeta/delta (Thr232), 4E-BP1 (Ser65), 4E-BP1 (Thr36), 4E-BP1 (Thr45), 4E-BP1 (Thr70), Abl1 (Tyr204), Abl1 (Tyr412), ACC1 (Ser79), ACC1 (Ser80), ACK1 (Tyr284), AFX (Ser197), AKT (Ser473), AKT (Thr308), AKT (Tyr326), AKT1 (Ser124), AKT1 (Ser246), AKT1 (Thr450), AKT1 (Thr72), AKT1 (Tyr474), AKT2 (Ser474), ALK (Tyr1507), ALK (Tyr1604), AMPK1 (Thr174), Amyloid beta A4 (Thr743/668), Androgen Receptor (Ser213), Androgen Receptor (Ser650), A-RAF (Tyr301/302), Arrestin-1 (Ab-412), Arrestin-1 (Ser412), ASK1 (Ser83), ASK1 (Ser966), ATF-1 (Ser63), ATF2 (Ab-112/94), ATF2 (Ser112/94), ATF2 (Ser62/44), ATF2 (Thr69/51), ATF2 (Thr71/53), ATF2 (Thr73/55), ATF4 (Ser245), ATP1A1/Na+K+ ATPase1 (Ser23), ATPase (Ser16), ATP-Citrate Lyase (Ser454), ATRIP (Ser68/72), AurB (Thr232), AurB (Tyr12), Aurora Kinase (Thr288), AXL (Tyr691), and more

pdf    Antibody Array User’s Guide

excel    Antibody List

excel    Array Map

gal    GAL File

pdf    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


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Complete Antibody Array Assay Service

Complete Antibody Array Assay Service allows investigators to send research samples to our laboratory for analysis. There is no need to purchase the arrays and reagents and running the assays yourself. Simply select the array of your choice, and then send off the samples to our lab. This convenient hands-off approach offers quick turnaround and reliable results, saving you valuable time and resources. All assays will be performed by our highly trained scientists at our headquarter in Sunnyvale, California. Results are delivered by email in 1-3 weeks.

Cost: $2,050 per sample

Array Scanning Service

Don’t have access to a compatible microarray scanner? No problem! Simply send the finished array slides to our lab for scanning. This service is free of charge.

Array Image Analysis Service

Array Image Quantification and Analysis Service includes data extraction, data organization and analysis of the array images obtained through our array scanning service.

Cost: $350 per slide



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