Antibody Array for Protein Expression

Antibody Array is a high-throughput ELISA based platform for efficient protein expression profiling in cells, tissues, serum, or even culture media. Compared to the conventional methods such as Western Blots or traditional ELISA, antibody array assays are much more productive and cost-effective.

Our broad exploratory antibody arrays, including Phospho Explorer Array, Signaling Explorer Array, and Explorer Antibody Array, allow investigators to examine up to 1358 proteins on a single slide.  The smaller pathway focused arrays are designed for researchers to study highly relevant proteins in their specific research fields.

We offers a wide range of phospho antibody arrays for protein phosphorylation profiling. The antibodies on our phospho arrays are site-specific and phospho-specific, allowing investigators to study tyrosine, serine, and threonine phosphorylation at specific sites.

Antibodies on our antibody arrays are covalently immobilized on high quality glass surface coated with proprietary 3-D polymer materials to ensure high binding efficiency and specificity. Each array includes well-characterized antibodies, positive controls, and negative controls. To maximize data reliability, each antibody is printed with two or six replicates.


  • Qualitative protein expression profiling
  • Compare profiles of normal, diseased or treated samples
  • Measure phosphorylation changes at specific sites (Phospho Antibody Arrays)
  • Identify candidate biomarkers

How Antibody Array Works

The ELISA based antibody array platform involves four major steps: 1) Protein extraction with non-denaturing lysis buffer; 2) Biotinylation of protein samples; 3) Incubation of labeled samples with antibody array; and 4) Detection by dye conjugated  streptavidin.

Antibody Array - How It Works


The antibody array platform utilizes sensitive fluorescent detection. The arrays can be scanned on most microarray scanners compatible with 76 x 25 x 1 mm (3 in. x 1 in. x 1mm) slides. Here is a list of commonly used compatible array scanners.


Size: 2 Slides/Pack for processing two unique samples
Slide dimensions: 76 x 25 x 1 mm
Storage Condition : 4°C for 6 months
Shipping Condition: 4°C with ice packs

Array Selection

Protein Expression Profiling Arrays

Product Name Catalog No. Price (2 slides/pk)
Apoptosis Antibody Array APP069 $360
Cancer BioMarker Array SCB200 $730
Cell Cycle Antibody Array ACC058 $320
Cytokine Profiling Array SCK100 $840
Explorer Antibody Array ASB600 $840
Kinase Antibody Array AVK276 $730
MAPK Signaling Array SMK060 $330
Signal Transduction Array AST160 $550
Signaling Explorer Array SET100 $1,450

Phosphorylation Profiling Arrays

Reagent Kit Needed

Antibody Array Assay Kit