Antibody Array Scanning Service

Our Antibody Array Scanning Service allows customers to send finished array slides to our lab and get them imaged on our microarray scanners. This service is free of charge for customers who purchased our antibody arrays but have no access to a microarray scanner. With this service, you will receive original raw images in tiff format, which you can analyze using a suitable image quantification software. Alternatively, if you prefer to let our team of scientists analyze the images, please visit the Image Analysis Service section.

To use this service, the antibody array assay must be completed using Cy3 or Cy5-streptavidin or equivalent. If alternative fluorescent dyes were used, and the wavelengths do not match those of Cy3 or Cy5, your array slides cannot be read on our system.

Cy3 Cy5
Excitation Max 550 nm 570 nm
Emission Max 650 nm 670 nm
Analysis Software Compatibility

Click on the button below to download a sample raw image file you would receive with Array Scanning Service. To determine whether your quantification software is suitable for analysis, try viewing and analyzing the sample image with the software.


How to Order

The Array Scanning Service may be ordered independently or with Image Analysis Service.

When ordering Array Scanning Service alone, simply complete the preparation steps above and send the package to our shipping address below.

When ordering with Image Analysis Service, please visit this page for additional instructions.

Preparing Slides For Scanning 
  1. Dry array slides completely according to the instructions in the Antibody Array User’s Guide.
  2. Place the slides in the original slide holder or a slide box.
  3. When using transparent holders, cover the slide holder with aluminum foil to protect the slides from light.
  4. Complete the Slide Submission Form and include it in the package.
  5. Send the package at room temperature within 1 week after completing the assay.

Slide Submission Form:   pdf   word


Shipping address:

Attn: Array Scanning Service
Full Moon BioSystems, Inc.
754 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States
Tel: 408.737.2875

International Shipments

The following documents are required and must be attached to the outside of the package.

1. Airway Bill

  • All transportation charges, duty and taxes, and fees must be paid by Sender. Shipments must be delivered duty paid (DDP). (Returning the array slides is duty and tax free. Small processing fees may be assessed by USDA or FDA.)
  • Be sure to mark the correct billing option to avoid delays.
    • T/C (transportation charge): Sender
    • D/T (duty and taxes): Sender

2. Commercial Invoice – 3 copies

  • Blank commercial invoice forms can be found on your carrier’s website.
  • Use the following information to prepare your commercial invoice:
    • Item description: Antibody Array on Glass Slides
    • Commodity Code: 3822.00.0002
    • Declared Value: $10
    • Shipping Remarks: Contents have no commercial value. Value declared for customs purpose only.
    • Country of Origin: USA

3. Shipper Declaration

Antibody arrays returned to us for scanning may be subject to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and must be cleared by Customs and Border Protection Agricultural Specialists at the port of arrival before entry into the United States is authorized. A shipper’s declaration is required to accompany the shipment to ensure your package clears US customs quickly and smoothly. The declaration must be prepared to your official letterhead and signed by the sender. The following template may be used.

 Shipper Declaration Template